The Clean Car Guy
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Mobile Auto Detail at Your Home or Office

Your car...

washed, waxed and detailed,
inside and out,

while you do more important things.

     Tired of chasing around to get your car cleaned up?

Are you tired of your car's windows not being clean...after you paid for it?

Do you find it impossible to find the time to clean your car the way you want it?

Who can solve all of these problems at one time?

The Clean Car Guy.

My name is Chris Fray, and I've been caring for my clients' cars and trucks here in Little Rock, Arkansas* since January of 1995. 

 I come to your home or office so that you don't have to do any more tail chasing. 

The whole shop is right on the back of my truck. 

That saves you time and effort.  My goal is to make having your car detailed as easy as possible for you.

I perform all work by hand, the old-fashioned way.    There is no substitute for elbow grease!

Why do I stand out from the rest?

It's simple really. 

I have personally detailed over


cars and trucks since I started in January of 1995.
(Yes, I keep track.)

You get the benefit of all that experience.
I have lost track of the enormous number of different car care products that I have tried and discarded because they don't work.

I'm punctual, so you make the appointment...I keep it.  No more lost time waiting for someone who can't show up on time (or bother to show up at all). 

There's no more chasing around to be picked up...or dropped off.

Call today to make an appointment. 

The Clean Car Guy
(501) 831-6094


Thanks for coming by to find out more about

Little Rock's

Clean  Car  Guy

*Serving Little Rock AND the surrounding area

**Total through February 28, 2019

And that's not all...
I have cleaned up my wife's car at least 40 times per year since we started dating in 1992.  
2018-1992=26 years   26 x 40= 1040

I have detailed my wife's car 3 to 4 times per year since 1992.  
26 x 3= 78

I have cleaned up my truck (at least) 40 times per year since 1995.  
2018-1995=23 x 40= 920

I cleaned up my 1989 Honda 20-25 times per year in the 20 years I had it.  2011-1991=20 years x 20 = 400

Grand Total of cars cleaned
since 1992:


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