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Bill Bloodworth has been my client since I started my business in 1995.  I am grateful for his good words here.  -Chris


Friday, June 25, 2010

I am very pleased with the excellent results of Chris Fray’s car detailing service!  Chris detailed my car this week and now the interior and the exterior of my car look factory new.  I had considered buying new floor mats for my car but after Chris finished the detail service, I no longer need to.  My car looks awesome!

I was very impressed with Chris’ professional communication.  He is very punctual and takes a lot of pride in the service he provides.  Chris came to my office to detail my car; therefore, I didn’t need to worry about waiting around for him to finish or arranging a way to work.  He has everything he needs for his business with him in his truck.  Even though Chris detailed my car on an exceptionally hot day, he did not rush or try to finish early.  He worked meticulously for 6-7 hours to make sure the job met my expectations as well as his expectations.  

I will recommend “The Clean Car Guy” to everyone because of my high satisfaction with his service. My car looks amazing.  I look forward to doing business with Chris for years to come.


(Little Rock)

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Just had to let you know what a great job you did! My Jeep is amazing!  I actually thought it needed a new paint job, but now it looks new!  Your hard work and dedication is much appreciated.

Thank You so much,


(Little Rock)


November 2, 2015

Your website doesn't do you justice.

Tom E.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Chris -

I wanted to follow up with you on the work you did on my wife's Tahoe.  

She's been as excited about this gift as any I've seen in years, so much so that she's been parading people to her car to show them what an amazing job you did on it.

I assume that you get this kind of feedback all of the time, so please feel free to add this email to the long list of accolades but I wanted to personally thank you for your excellence in craft and attention (no pun intended) to detail.

Thanks again,


PS She's already angling for another detail for next Mother's Day.  You may have created a monster.


06/11/2013    *** UPDATE *** 
Chris and his wife had her Tahoe detailed again this year.
Thanks!! :-)



Feb. 5, 2013

My car is heavenly!  Thank you.

I'm so happy to have a clean car.  It looks brand-new.  I LOVE it!


Little Rock


Hi Chris,

My husband and I have worked in dog rescue for years, and we currently have three rescue Corgis. Alys is the most energetic. She views our compost pile as a continuous playground and snack bar. Usually she gets into it by jumping over the fence, but about three weeks ago she tried to go under, and cut her ears on the chicken wire that frames the compost bin. I was alone on a Saturday when this happened, because my husband had gone to church, and thus had his cell phone turned off. I have never seen that much blood. I grabbed her and a towel and threw her in the car and we rushed to the vet emergency clinic. On the way she undid the towel and got blood all over the inside of the car. In the end, Alys was just fine after some stitches, but the car sustained (as you saw) some damage. 

Thank you SO MUCH for cleaning my car. I can't believe you got the blood out. It is cleaner than when I bought it, I think. I am sorry it took you so long.

Thanks again, and I am going to tell all my friends. 

Best regards,

From: Seth Wxxxxx (North Little Rock)
Date: Tue, May 28, 2013 at 11:36 AM
Subject: High Praise

So, I had left my car parked at my family home while I was living in Brazil. Apparently there was an unopened can of Coca-Cola in there. Sometime during the summer, I assume in the oppressive heat of August, there was a cokesplosion, staining the fabric of the seats and the headliner fabric. It was ugly. And baked in. When I returned from Brazil many months later, I took the car to several shops. No one wanted to deal with it. Everyone suggested i get a new headliner. 

Then I called the Clean Car Guy. He was knowledgeable, friendly and straightforward on the phone. We scheduled a time for him to come to our house and a few days later he arrived (a few minutes early!) and went to work. He tirelessly and meticulously detailed our car. He was there for hours. At the end of the day we had a sparkling clean car on the outside and perfectly clean fabrics on the inside. I will not hesitate to call Chris the Clean Car Guy for all of my detailing needs in the future.


July 24, 2012

Every time you come, it saves me about 30 grand.


  (Little Rock)


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